Full Metal Jacket Ammo Vs Hollow Point - Difference And Usage

Full Metal Jacket Ammo Vs Hollow Point - Difference And Usage

Aug 3rd 2018

There are different types of bullets available in the market. Full metal jacket and Hollow Point are the well known ammo types for self defence & for practice use. There is a very common question about both that when to use each and why?

So, if you are one of new ammo buyers & want to know about FMJ & Hollow Point Ammo? Here, we are providing you the information about this.

There is a saying about the both : Use hollow points for your carry and home defense guns and use full-metal jacket (FMJ) for practice. Let's take a look at what those differences are, and when each type is preferable over the other.

What is Full Metal Jacket Ammo:

A Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) is a bullet consisting of a soft core, usually lead, encased in a shell of harder metal. FMJ Ammo is frequently made of a soft lead core built inside of a shell made up of hard metal such as cupronickel or gilding metal. These bullets maintain their composure and trajectory better than almost any others on the market.

FMJ bullets are incredibly strong and have greater penetration capacity and less expansion in soft tissue. But there is a big pros of FMJ that these bullets do not expand upon hitting their target that makes them ideal for target shooting.

What is Hollow Point Ammo:

Simply, a hollow point ammunition is an expanding bullet that has a pit or hollowed out tip or full metal jacket. This ammunition is mostly preferred by hunters and those in defensive situations because it expands upon impact.

Hollow point rounds have a hollowed out center. When a hollow point strikes its target, the hollow causes the bullet to deform. It looks a mushroomed gob of lead pushing through. The jacketed version is a thin covering of copper or steel. This means less lead powder coating the inside of the barrel.

Hollow points are well loved by shooters all over the world for most applications. They are a superb home defense ammo choice, great for hunting if you get the right brands, and are an overall popular ammo for everything.

PROS: Big messy holes in soft targets.

CONS: Decreased penetration in steel and concrete.

Difference Between Full Metal Jacket & Hollow Point Ammo:

There are many difference between FMJ & Hollow Point. As both types have their supporters and both really do have their pros and cons. We are going to differentiate both for self defence, target shooting, range practice, hunting, quick feeding and more ammo usages.

  • Self Defence: FMJ ammo is not often used in self-defense situations due to the risk of the bullet striking an unintended target. It is a small-arms projectile, it can be used in concealed carry guns. Hollow point bullets are better for shoot to kill and self-defense situations. So always go with Hollow Point ammo for self-defense.
  • Shooting & Rang Practice: Full Metal Jacket ammo is good for shooting & rang practice. As full metal jacket ammo is cleaner and stronger than hollow point. So there is no risk of unintended impact further down the range.
  • Hunting: As for hunting Hollow point bullets are the best option as compare to FMJ Ammo. The hollow point is primarily used for hunting big game at long range as it expands on impact and sends that expanded bullet deep into the target, hopefully killing or incapacitating it instantly. FMJ ammo performs very well ballistically, and don't lose accuracy or speed in your weapon.
  • Quick feeding: FMJ Ammo feeds quickly and efficiently. Hollow point ammo is slightly less efficient in this category.

These are the main differences between Hollow Point ammo & FMJ. As both have there own usages & advantages. So choose the ammunition as your requirement from top brands you trust for self defence, hunting & shooting.

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